Players suspended or fined by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety for the 2016-17 season:
(For Diving/Embellishment fines issued by Hockey Ops, click here)


OffenderTeamDateGmsRulePenaltyLost SalaryDetails
Shaw, AndrewMTL9/27/163*41 - BoardingMajorNoneArticle
Hjalmarsson, NiklasCHI10/1/163*42 - ChargingMatch$22,777.78Article
Pearson, TannerLAK10/2/164*48 - Illegal CheckMajor$15,555.55Article
Gudas, RadkoPHI10/8/166 56 - InterferenceMinor$245,121.96.Article
Weise, DalePHI10/20/16348 - Illegal CheckNone$39,166.68Article
Pastrnak, DavidBOS10/26/16248 - Illegal CheckMinor$10,277.78Article
Gilbert, TomLAK11/1/16341 - BoardingNone$23,333.34Article
Oleksiak, JamieDAL12/10/16248 - Illegal CheckNone$10,208.34Article
Borowiecki, MarkOTT12/10/16241 - BoardingMajor$12,222.22Video
Hoffman, MikeOTT12/14/16259 - Cross-CheckingMajor+GM$57,638.88Video
Eakin, CodyDAL12/15/16442 - ChargingMajor+GM$85,555.56Article
DeAngelo, AnthonyARI12/31/16340.4 - Abuse/OfficialsGM$14,388.90Article
Nyquist, GustavDET2/12/17660 - High-StickingDbl Minor$158,333.34Article
Vermette, AntoineANA2/14/171040.3 - Abuse/OfficialsGM$97,222.23Article
Trouba, JacobWPG2/19/17248 - Illegal CheckMinor$33,333.34Article
Manning, BrandonPHI2/25/17256 - InterferenceNone$10,833.34Article
Sestito, TomPIT3/8/17441 - BoardingMajor + GM$12,777.76Video
Shattenkirk, KevinWSH3/11/17242 - ChargingMinor$47,222.22Article

* Shaw: 3 preseason games
* Hjalmarsson: 2 preseason, 1 regular season
* Pearson: 2 preseason, 2 regular season


Ott, SteveDET10/29/16$2,222.2262 - SpearingNoneArticle
Ekman-Larsson, OliverARI11/3/16$2,000.0064 - DivingNoneArticle
Vlasic, Marc-EdouardSJS12/14/16$5,000.00Dangerous Use of StickNone
Kuznetsov, EvgenyWSH12/29/16$2,000.0064 - DivingNoneArticle
Kreider, ChrisNYR1/17/17$5,000.00Hitting Opponent With HelmetNoneArticle
Holland, PeterARI1/21/17$3,611.11Punching Unsuspecting OpponentRoughing Article
Marchand, BradBOS1/24/17$10,000.0057 - TrippingNoneArticle
Yandle, KeithFLA1/31/17$2,000.0064 - DivingNoneArticle
Muzzin, JakeLAK3/4/17$2,000.0064 - DivingNoneArticle
Gaudreau, JohnnyCGY3/5/17$2,000.0064 - DivingEmbellishmentArticle
Subban, PKNSH5/2/17$2,000.0064 - DivingEmbellishmentArticle

Suspensions do not include players suspended for off-ice violations, including violations of the NHL/NHLPA Performance Enhancing Substances Program (e.g., Zack Kassian). Fines do not include team fines (e.g., Kings’ fine for allowing Voynov to practice, Flyers’ fine for traveling on a restricted day).

Repeat Offenders

A repeat offender is one who has been suspended for a second offense within 18 months of the previous offense. Repeat offender status only applies to the way fines and salary forfeiture is calculated. All disciplinary history is considered when determining a player’s suspension. Repeat offenders’ fines are calculated based on the number of games in a season: [(salary/82)*suspension length].  Others are calculated based on the days in a season: [(salary/195)*suspension length].


Fines: Not required if less than $5,000; phone hearing if over $5,000. Suspensions: Phone if up to five games; suspensions of six games or more require an in-person hearing be offered. If a player waives his right to an in-person hearing, he may still receive a suspension of six games or more via phone hearing.

Fines and Salary Forfeitures

Fines can be up to 50% of a player’s daily salary (salary/195). Fines may not exceed $10,000 for a first offense and $15,000 for a second offense within a 12-month period.

Evolution of a Suspension

A look inside the NHL Department of Player Safety’s process: