NHL Diving Fines 2016-17

OffenderTeamIncident DateFineDetails
Ekman-Larsson, OliverARI11/3/16$2,000Article
Kuznetsov, EvgenyWSH12/29/16$2,000Article
Yandle, KeithARI1/31/17$2,000Article


As a reminder, here’s the scale of fines issues to those found guilty of diving/embellishment.
NHL Diving Penalties

The league reviews all possible embellishment situations and may consider additional dives that were not penalized during the game. They may also rescind dives called in a game that were later reviewed and determined not to be embellishments.

The Diving/Embellishment Review Process

The NHL’s Hockey Operations department tracks every diving or embellishment penalty called on the ice.  They also review each game to identify possible dives that were missed by the on-ice officials. (In some cases, they even rescind those diving penalties that may have been called during a game. Boston’s Brad Marchand was the beneficiary of such a modification.)

Once the Hockey Ops team agrees that a dive has taken place, they issue a citation. Sportsnet’s Damien Cox reports that there are nine individuals who participate in the review of each incident. If six decide that a dive has taken place, the player is cited.