Players suspended or fined by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety or Hockey Operations during the 2020-21 season:


OffenderTeamDateGmsRulePenaltyLost SalaryDetails
Grieg, RidlyOTT9/26/211* + 1Cross-Checking5:00+GM$4,470.83Article
McIlrath, DylanWSH9/26/212* + 2Ill. Ck to HeadMatch$7,500.00Article
Coleman, BlakeCGY10/6/211* + 1Boarding2:00$24,500.00Article
Landeskog, GabrielCOL10/13/212Boarding2:00$70,000.00Link
Larkin, DylanDET10/14/211RoughingMatch$30,500.00Link
Buchnevich, PavelSTL10/18/212Head-buttingMatch$141,463.41Link
Paquette, CedricMTL10/31/212Boarding5:00+GM$9,500.00Article
Sergachev, MikhailTBL11/4/212Ill. Ck to Head2:00$48,000.00Link
Poolman, TuckerVAN11/11/212High-stickingMatch$25,000.00Article
Labanc, KevinSJS11/18/211Slew-foot2:00$23,625.00Article

* Preseason games


Friedman, MarkPIT10/9/21$1,812.50Spearing5:00+GMArticle
Andersson, RasmusCGY10/16/21$5,000.00Roughing2:00+2:00
Faksa, RadekDAL10/17/21$5,000.00SlashingNone
Thornton, JoeFLA10/19/21$1,875.00Slashing2:00
Aube-Kubel, NicolasPHI10/23/21$2,687.50Kneeing2:00
Getzlaf, RyanANA10/23/21$1,000.00TrippingNone
Subban, P.K.NJD10/26/21$5,000.00Tripping2:00
Subban, P.K.NJD11/2/21$15,000.00TrippingNoneArticle
Tkachuk, MatthewCGY11/4/21$5,000.00High-sticking2:00
Brassard, DerickPHI11/6/21$2,000.00Unsportsmanlike Conduct2:00Article
DeAngelo, TonyCAR11/6/21$2,000.00Diving/EmbellishmentNoneArticle
Rodrigues, EvanPIT11/13/21$2,500.00TrippingNone
Goligoski, AlexMIN11/13/21$5,000.00High-stickingNone
Gallagher, BrendanMTL11/16/21$2,500.00Roughing2+10Article
Backlund, MikaelCGY11/16/21$5,000.00Cross-checking2:00Article

Suspensions do not include players suspended for off-ice violations, including violations of the NHL/NHLPA Performance Enhancing Substances Program.




Repeat Offenders

A repeat offender is one who has been suspended for a second offense within 18 months of the previous offense. Repeat offender status only applies to the way fines and salary forfeiture is calculated. All disciplinary history is considered when determining a player’s suspension.

Repeat offenders’ lost salary amounts are calculated based on the number of games in a season: [(salary/82)*suspension length].  Others are calculated based on the days in a season: [(salary/195)*suspension length].


Fines: Hearing not required if less than $5,000; phone hearing if over $5,000.

Suspensions: Phone hearing required if up to five games; suspensions of six games or more require an in-person hearing be offered. If a player waives his right to an in-person hearing, he may still receive a suspension of six games or more via phone hearing.


Fines and Salary Forfeitures

Fines can be up to 50% of a player’s daily salary (salary/195). Fines may not exceed $10,000 for a first offense and $15,000 for a second offense within a 12-month period.


Evolution of a Suspension

A look inside the NHL Department of Player Safety’s process: