Players suspended by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety for the 2014-15 season:

OffenderTeamDateGmsChargeLost SalaryDetails
Boll, JaredCBJ3/24/15348.1 Illegal Check to the Head$27,419.34Article
Kadri, NazemTOR3/17/15448.1 Illegal Check to the Head$141,463.40Article
Nordstrom, JoakimCHI3/12/15241.1 Boarding$6,630.82Article
Martin, MattNYI3/3/15150.1 Kneeing$5,376.34Article
Cowen, JaredOTT2/21/15356.1 Interference$113,414.64Article
Kulikov, DmitryFLA2/13/15444.1 Clipping$93,189.96Article
Roussel, AntoineDAL2/10/15259.1 Cross-Checking$21,505.38Article
Rinaldo, ZacPHI1/20/15841.1 Boarding$73,170.72 Video
Carcillo, DanCHI1/16/15659.1 Cross-Checking$40,243.92 Video
Marchand, BradBOS1/15/15252.1 Slew-Footing$48,287.10 Video
Suter, RyanMIN1/13/2015245.1 Elbowing$81,058.72 Video
Aulie, KeithEDM12/31/14248.1 Illegal Check to the Head$8,602.16 Video
Scott, John SJS12/22/14446.15 Punching Unsuspecting Opponent$34,146.36 Video
Garbutt, Ryan DAL12/9/14352.1 Slew-Footing$65,853.66 Video
Scandella, Marco MIN12/9/14248.1 Illegal Check to the Head$11,021.50 Video
Kane, Evander WPG12/7/14241.1 Boarding$56,451.62 Video
Bortuzzo, Robert PIT12/2/14256.1 Interference$6,451.62 Video
Garbutt, Ryan DAL11/25/14250.1 Kneeing$43,902.44 Video
Lowry, Adam WPG11/26/14141.1 Boarding$4,453.41 Video
Johnson, Jack CBJ11/4/14348.1 Illegal Check to the Head$70,276.50 Video
Ference, Andrew EDM11/1/14348.1 Illegal Check to the Head$118,902.45 Video
Volchenkov, Anton NSH10/31/14448.1 Illegal Check to the Head$21,505.36 Video
Nolan, Jordan LAK10/31/14241.1 Boarding$17,073.18 Video
Burrows, AlexandreVAN10/30/14348.1 Illegal Check to the Head$72,580.65 Video
Moore, John NYR10/27/14548.1 Illegal Check to the Head$51,859.75 Video
Scott, John SJS10/26/14270.10 Leaving Bench/Altercation$17,073.18 Video

Suspensions do not include players suspended for off-ice violations, including violations of the NHL/NHLPA Performance Enhancing Substances Program.  Fines do not include team fines (e.g. Kings’ fine for allowing Voynov to practice, Flyers’ fine for traveling on a restricted day).

Repeat Offenders

A repeat offender is one who has been suspended for a second offense within 18 months of the previous offense. Repeat offender status applies only to the way fines and salary forfeiture is calculated.  All disciplinary history is considered when determining a player’s suspension.

Repeat offenders’ fines are calculated based on the number of games in a season (salary/82)*suspension length. Others are calculated based on the days in a season: (salary/195)*suspension length.


Fines: None if less than $5,000. Phone hearing if over $5,000.

Suspensions: Phone if up to five games. In person if six games or more. If a player waives his right to an in-person hearing, he may still receive a suspension of six games or more via phone hearing.

Fines and Salary Forfeitures

Fines can be up to 50% of a player’s daily salary (salary/195). Fines may not exceed $10,000 for a first offense and $15,000 for a second offense within a 12-month period.