Players suspended or fined by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety or Hockey Operations during the 2018-19 season:


OffenderTeamDateGmsRulePenaltyLost SalaryDetails
Domi, MaxMTL9/19/185*51 - RoughingMatchNoneVideo
Bortuzzo, RobertSTL9/25/182*/145 - ElbowingNone$6,182.80 Video
Wilson, TomWSH9/30/1820
48 - Illegal Check to the HeadMatch$1,260,162.60

Matheson, MikeFLA10/3/18275 - Unsportsmanlike Conduct / 56 - InterferenceNone$52,419.35Article
Borowiecki, MarkOTT10/23/18145 - ElbowingNone$6,451.61Article
Borowiecki, MarkOTT10/26/18348 - Illegal Check to the HeadMajor + GM (Charging)$43,902.45Article
Lemieux, BrendanWPG11/2/18248 - Illegal Check to the Head Match$9,023.30Article
Archibald, JoshARI11/15/18248 - Illegal Check to the HeadMinor$7,258.06Article
Bertuzzi, TylerDET12/2/18251 - Roughing$15,053.76
Giordano, MarkCGY12/6/18250 - Kneeing$72,580.65Article
Lomberg, RyanCGY12/6/18246 - Instigating/Final 5$7,634.41Article
Hyman, ZachTOR12/8/18256 - Interference$24,193.55
Khaira, JujharEDM12/18/18259 - Cross-Checking$7,258.06
Karlsson, ErikSJS12/22/18248 - Illegal Check to the Head$69,892.47
Backes, DavidBOS12/27/18348 - Illegal Check to the Head$219,512.20
Bryon, PaulMTL1/15/19342 - Charging$18,817.21
Johansen, RyanNSH1/17/19260 - High-StickingMinor$86,021.51Article
Malkin, EvgeniPIT2/11/19160 - High-Sticking$51,075.27Article
Gudas, RadkoPHI2/19/19260 - High-Sticking$81,707.32Article
McDavid, ConnorEDM2/21/19248 - Illegal Check to the Head$134,408.60Video
Gabriel, KurtisNJD3/1/19141 - Boarding$3,494.62Video
Lowry, AdamWPG3/1/19260 - High-Sticking$31,362.00Video
Voracek, JakubPHI3/9/19256 - Interference$88,709.68Video
Eichel, JackBUF3/9/19248 - Illegal Check to the Head$107,526.88Video
Pageau, Jean-GabrielOTT3/20/19141 - Boarding$16,666.67Article
Gourde, YanniTBL3/21/19248 - Illegal Check to the Head$10,752.69Video
Kucherov, NikitaTBL4/12/191*41 - Boarding$0.00*Article
Kadri, NazemTOR4/13/195*59 - Cross-checking$0.00*Article
Thornton, JoeSJS4/14/191*48 - Illegal Check to the Head$0.00*Article
McAvoy, CharlieBOS5/6/191*48 - Illegal Check to the Head$0.00*Video
Sundqvist, OskarSTL5/29/191*41 - Boarding$0.00*Article
Barbashev, IvanSTL6/6/191*48 - Illegal Check to the Head$0.00*Video

* Preseason games


Clifford, KyleLAK10/25/18$4,301.08Kneeing2:00 TrippingArticle
Lucic, MilanEDM11/6/18$10,000.00Roughing 2:00 Roughing, 2:00 InterferenceArticle
Morrissey, JoshWPG11/14/18$8,467.74Unsportsmanlike ConductNoneArticle
Cullen, MattPIT11/15/18$1,000.00Tripping2:00 TrippingArticle
Rantanen, MikkoCOL11/21/18$2,000.00Diving/Embellishment2:00 Diving/EmbArticle
Roussel, AntoineVAN11/23/18$5,000.00Biting2:00 RoughingArticle
Peters, Bill ^ CGY12/6/18$10,000Instigator/Final 5 (for Lomberg)
Dunn, VinceSTL12/18/18$1,942.20Cross-checking
Byfuglien, DustinWPG12/27/18$2,500.00Slashing2:00 SlashingArticle
Danault, PhillipMTL12/28/18$5,000.00Tripping
Sergachev, MikhailTBL1/12/19$2,403.67Cross-checking
Kucherov, NikitaTBL2/1/19$5,000.00Tripping2:00 TrippingArticle
Smith, ZackOTT2/1/19$5,000.00Elbowing2:00 ElbowingArticle
Van Riemsdyk, JamesPHI2/7/19$5,000.00High-StickingNo penaltyArticle
Hagg, RobertPHI2/19/19$3,091.40Interference
Chiarot, BenWPG2/24/19$3,763.44Cross-checking
Schwartz, JadenSTL3/1/19$5,000.00Cross-checking
Ritchie, NickANA3/8/19$4,121.86Cross-checking
Kreider, ChrisNYR3/13/19$5,000.00Elbowing
Meier, TimoSJS3/16/19$2,000.00Diving/Embellishment
Thornton, JoeSJS3/30/19$2,500.00High-sticking
Reaves, RyanVGK3/30/19$2,500.00High-sticking
Miller, ColinVGK3/30/19$2,000.00Diving/Embellishment
Getzlaf, RyanANA4/5/19$2,500.00Roughing

Suspensions do not include players suspended for off-ice violations, including violations of the NHL/NHLPA Performance Enhancing Substances Program (e.g. Nate Schmidt) or unacceptable off-ice conduct (e.g. Austin Watson).

Repeat Offenders

A repeat offender is one who has been suspended for a second offense within 18 months of the previous offense. Repeat offender status only applies to the way fines and salary forfeiture is calculated. All disciplinary history is considered when determining a player’s suspension. Repeat offenders’ fines are calculated based on the number of games in a season: [(salary/82)*suspension length].  Others are calculated based on the days in a season: [(salary/195)*suspension length].


Fines: Not required if less than $5,000; phone hearing if over $5,000.

Suspensions: Phone if up to five games; suspensions of six games or more require an in-person hearing be offered. If a player waives his right to an in-person hearing, he may still receive a suspension of six games or more via phone hearing.

Fines and Salary Forfeitures

Fines can be up to 50% of a player’s daily salary (salary/195). Fines may not exceed $10,000 for a first offense and $15,000 for a second offense within a 12-month period.

Evolution of a Suspension

A look inside the NHL Department of Player Safety’s process: