Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba will site for two games after an illegal check to the head of Ottawa’s Mark Stone.

Trouba caught the Senators forward up high at 6:42 of the third period of Sunday’s game in Ottawa. He was given a minor penalty for an illegal check to the head by referees Brian Pochmara and Francis Charron.



The NHL’s Department of Player Safety called Trouba’s hit a “high forceful blow that makes the head the main point of contact on a hit where such contact was avoidable. ”

That’s a textbook illegal check to the head.

48.1 Illegal Check to the Head – A hit resulting in contact with an opponent’s head where the head was the main point of contact and such contact to the head was avoidable is not permitted.
In determining whether contact with an opponent’s head was avoidable, the circumstances of the hit including the following shall be considered:

(i) Whether the player attempted to hit squarely through the opponent’s body and the head was not “picked” as a result of poor timing, poor angle of approach, or unnecessary extension of the
body upward or outward.

(ii) Whether the opponent put himself in a vulnerable position by assuming a posture that made head contact on an otherwise full body check unavoidable.

(iii) Whether the opponent materially changed the position of his body or head immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit in a way that significantly contributed to the head contact.


The NHL ruled that Stone did not contribute to the placement of the hit either through his posture or by changing the position of his head.

Though Player Safety advised that Stone did not suffer an injury on the play, Ottawa coach Guy Boucher disagreed.

Trouba forfeits $33,333 in salary as a result of the suspension.