Day: April 22, 2014

Ref Reading: Supplementary Discipline in the Playoffs Needs to Improve

Here’s some great Ref Reading from Ryan Lambert at The Score, who had an excellent take on postseason supplementary discipline and its lack of effectiveness. From The Score: Lucic, with his history, should have at least gotten a phone hearing [for his spear on DeKeyser], and maybe even a one-game suspension. A $5,000 fine means less than nothing to him. He laughs at $5,000. He’d do it again tomorrow. Missing a game would have at least given him pause. Maybe. Meanwhile, the way Seabrook hit Backes was shocking, high and hard and late all at the same time, and three...

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Tonight’s NHL Playoff Referees – 4/22/14

Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens – Game 4 – 7:00pm Chris Lee #28 3.8 minor penalties per game 10.7 PIM per game Record: TBL 2-2, MTL 1-5 Habs have lost 5 straight with Lee working. Montreal is 3-12 under Lee dating back to 2011. Favors home team (18.4% more minors on road team) Home win %: 50.0% Average minors by team: TBL 2.0, Opponents 2.5 (25.0% more calls on Opp) MTL 2.3, Opponents 2.0 (11.1% fewer calls on Opp) Francois St. Laurent #38 4.0 minor penalties per game 12.4 PIM per game Record: TBL 3-2, MTL 2-4 Favors home team (8.8%...

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Matt Cooke Goes Off for Kneeing; Suspension Coming

Matt Cooke hasn’t been suspended since 2011.  The former poster child for Supplemental Discipline had cleaned up his act – after ending one career and attempting to shorten many more – with the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The reformed Cooke then signed with the Minnesota Wild as a free agent. While Cooke’s efforts to remain a changed man are commendable, it was apparently just a matter of time before his stripes showed through. Cooke is once again facing suspension, this time for kneeing Colorado Avalanche defenseman Tyson Barrie.  The play happened early in the second period of a scoreless Game 3....

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