Day: April 17, 2014

Flyers Coach Berube Punches Linesman

With Rangers/Flyers set to get underway, the officiating will be highly scrutinized.  Longtime official Bill McCreary will serve as the series supervisor, overseeing the referees and linesmen assigned to work the games. Already this year, Flyers coach Craig Berube has spoken out about his dissatisfaction with NHL officiating. Of course, we should point out that Berube also has a personal history with NHL officials.  In piling up 3,149 penalty minutes, Berube certainly took part in his fair share of scraps over the years — many while suiting up for the Flyers against the archrival Rangers. In one of them, he...

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Tonight’s NHL Playoff Referees – 4/17/14

Philadelphia Flyers at New York Rangers – Game 1 – 7:00pm Dave Jackson #8 3.9 minor penalties per game 11.8 PIM per game Record:  PHI 2-2, NYR 1-4 Favors home team (7.9% more minors on road team) Home win %: 50.6% Average minors by team: PHI 1.6, Opponents 1.9 (15.4% more calls on Opp) NYR 2.0, Opponents 1.7 (15.0% fewer calls on Opp) Dan O’Rourke #9 3.7 minor penalties per game 11.0 PIM per game Record:  PHI 4-1, NYR 3-2 Favors home team (18.4% more minors on road team) Home win %: 60.5% Average minors by team: PHI 2.1, Opponents 2.2 (4.8% more calls on Opp) NYR 2.4, Opponents 2.3 (4.2% fewer calls on Opp) Linesmen:  Greg Devorski #54, Derek Nansen #70 Supervisor:  Bill McCreary Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues – Game 1 – 8:00pm Marc Joannette #25 3.4 minor penalties per game 10.0 PIM per game Record:  CHI 3-2, STL 4-1 Favors home team (10.9% more penalties on road teams) Home win %: 54.7% Average minors by team: CHI 2.0, Opponents 2.2 (7.7% more calls on Opp) STL 1.7, Opponents 2.0 (17.6% fewer calls on Opp) Kevin Pollock #33 3.1 minor penalties per game 9.9 PIM per game Record:  CHI 3-3, STL 3-1 Favors home team (11.4% more calls on road team) Home win %: 54.1% Average minors by team: CHI 1.1, Opponents 1.3 (15.4% more calls on Opp) STL 1.4, Opponents 2.1 (55.4% more calls...

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