The Colorado Avalanche opened the scoring in their Game 7 match against the Minnesota Wild with a controversial – and confusing – goal.

As Matt Duchene moved the puck into the crease, Colorado’s Jamie McGinn went flying into Minnesota goaltender Darcy Kuemper.  Nick Holden backhanded the puck into the nearly empty net.  The horn sounded.  The goal light went on.

Referee Wes McCauley held up his hands to stop play.   He did not signal a goal.

So what happened?

From the NHL:

At 2:52 of the first period in the Minnesota Wild/Colorado Avalanche game, Colorado’s Nick Holden shot the puck into the Minnesota net in a legal fashion.

The in-zone referee initially waved his arms after the puck crossed the goal line as a reaction to a potential infraction for high-sticking the puck. The on-ice officials then huddled regarding the play to discuss if it was a good hockey goal and agreed the goal would stand.

Good goal Colorado.

It’s easy to understand that the rest of the officiating crew – referee Eric Furlatt and linesmen Scott Cherrey and Brad Kovachik – could advise that there was no high stick on the play.

What, though, of the possible intereference call that took Darcy Kuemper out of position and prevented him from being able to make a save?   We’ve had goals called back for less.

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