The Tampa Bay Lightning are having a rough series.  Playing without their number one goaltender, they dropped the first two games at home.  Coming into Sunday night’s game, they’d led for just 3:34 of the 138:08 played so far in the series.

They looked to take the lead for the first time on Sunday night.  Only, the go-ahead goal didn’t count.  Referee Francis Charron immediately waved it off when the puck crossed the line.

After a quick conversation with the officiating crew, the call stood.  No goal.

via @myregularface

via @myregularface

Goaltender interference calls are not reviewable — yet — so no use in calling for a replay here.  Here’s the play:

There’s no question Tampa forward Alex Killorn was checked by Montreal’s David Desharnais, resulting in incidental contact with Price as he drove to the net. Had the puck gone in then, it should’ve rightly been waved off due to the contact.

Killorn ended up in the net.  Habs defenseman P.K. Subban decided to keep him there, blocking his exit.  When Killorn finally vacated the crease, Price – in the process of establishing position – lunged at the forward. In doing so, he took himself out of position to make the next save.

Had Price simply reset in his crease, no further contact with Killorn would’ve happened and the Montreal netminder would have been unimpeded in making the save.


Was it the Right Call?

Former referee Kerry Fraser thinks so:

I’d be inclined to agree with Kerry, if not for the facts that Subban kept Killorn from leaving the net and Price appeared to try to go after Killorn (he missed, awkwardly ending up off-balance).


Time to Make Goaltender Interference Reviewable

It’s been discussed by the NHL General Managers before, and it’s certainly going to come back up.  This play will become the prime example of why goaltender intereference needs to be added to the list of plays eligible for video review.

If video replay ensures that the right call is made, perhaps it’s time to open it up to a few more plays.

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