Sidney Crosby is arguably the best hockey player in the game.  He’s got a great shot, terrific vision, and incredible awareness of what’s happening on the ice.  Okay, that last one, maybe not so much, at least not in Tuesday night’s game.

When linesman Jonny Murray (#95) signaled the play onside, Penguins center Sidney Crosby happened to be just a bit too close. He ended up on the receiving end of a ‘washout’ signal.

Linesman takes outPenguins' Sidney Crosby

(GIF via @myregularface)

Crosby went down hard.  No offense to Murray’s arm strength, but Sid the Kid looked to take quite a dive on that one.  Maybe he’s just conditioned from years of hitting the ice when h feels the slightest breeze.

Thankfully — miraculously — Crosby was not injured on the play.