Day: December 28, 2014

Tonight’s NHL Referees & Linesmen – 12/28/14

Toronto Maple Leafs at Florida Panthers – 5:00 EST Referees Dan O’Rourke (#9) Games 2014-15: 31 Career Games: 807 First NHL Game: Oct 2 1999 Birthplace: Calgary, AB O’Rourke NHL Rank NHL Avg Goals/Gm 5.9 7 5.3 Power Plays/Gm 3.8 3 3.3 Penalties/Gm 5 5 4.3 PIM/Gm 11.2 11 10.4 % of Penl on Home Team 44% 36 48% More Penl on Road Team 25% 4 9% Home Win % 42% 28 49% Home Record 13-18 Games to OT/SO 26% 19 27% Team Records 2014-15 2013-14 TOR 1-0 1-3 FLA 1-1 1-2 Jean Hebert (#15) Games 2014-15: 29 Career...

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Brodeur Loses Puck in Pads

Goaltenders get paid the big bucks to stop pucks.  Where those pucks end up, however, doesn’t really matter as long as they’re not in the net.   St. Louis Blues goaltender Martin Brodeur made a save on a Tyler Toffoli shot — and made the puck disappear. Referees Chris Rooney and Jean Hebert along with linesmen Don Henderson and Lonnie Cameron watch as Brodeur pats himself down in an unsuccessful attempt to locate the puck. Only after Brodeur heads to the bench does that puck become dislodged from his equipment.  Referee Chris Rooney proudly holds it up to show the...

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Wild’s Carter Called For Playing Puck From Penalty Box

When you’re in the penalty box, there’s nothing you want more than to get back out on the ice. Minnesota Wild forward Ryan Carter was so excited to get back out there, he got into the action before actually leaving the penalty box. With his penalty expired, Carter stepped one skate on the ice.  Seeing the puck coming his way, he turned his skate to deflect it towards the offensive zone.  You can’t do that. When you’ve still got one skate in the box, that’s a penalty.   NHL rule 56.2, Interference, states, in part: A minor penalty shall...

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Bruins Announcer Rips Refs After Missed Puck In Netting

Boston Bruins’ play-by-play man Jack Edwards was fired up after a Columbus goal gave the Blue Jackets a 5-2 lead over the Bruins. He wasn’t as steamed up about the goal itself as he was about the fact that he felt play should have stopped well before that goal ever happened. “This doesn’t exist,” said Edward. “This is quantum physics hockey.” The on-ice officials missed the puck deflecting out of play and hitting the protective netting. Per Rule 85.1, “if the puck striking the spectator netting goes unnoticed by the on-ice officials, play shall continue as normal and resulting play...

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