Day: December 16, 2014

Isles’ Tavares Spears Devils’ Zidlicky, Dodges Major Penalty

John Tavares did not like being taken out of the play on a solid hip check by New Jersey’s Marek Zidlicky. Boy, did he let him know it. With the score tied at 2 late in the third, the Islanders captain lashed out at Zidlicky, spearing the Devils’ blueliner below the belt. Zidlicky dropped to his knees in pain. Tavares headed to the box, with referees Greg Kimmerly and Dan O’Rourke calling a minor for slashing on the play. Slashing? The NHL Rulebook defines slashing as “a player swinging his stick at an opponent.”  Spearing, on the other hand,...

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Tonight’s NHL Referees & Linesmen – 12/16/14

Tampa Bay Lightning at Philadelphia Flyers – 7:00 EST Referees Brad Watson (#23) Games 2014-15: 24 Career Games: 1053 First NHL Game: Mar 7 1996 Birthplace: Regina, SK Watson NHL Rank NHL Avg Goals/Gm 4.8 35 5.3 Power Plays/Gm 3.8 4 3.3 Penalties/Gm 4.6 11 4.3 PIM/Gm 10.3 24 10.6 % of Penl on Home Team 47% 22 48% More Penl on Road Team 12% 18 10% Home Win % 67% 2 49% Home Record 16-8 Games to OT/SO 21% 24 25% Team Records 2014-15 2013-14 TBL 1-1 4-2 PHI 1-0 1-2 Dean Morton (#36) Games 2014-15: 15 Career...

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Ref Reading: A Ref’s Take on Blown Calls, More (SI/Muir)

Sports Illustrated’s Allan Muir recently sat down with Ken Reinhard, Referee-in-Chief for USA Hockey’s Rocky Mountain District. They spoke about controlling the game and the impact of missed calls. “Referees call penalties after something happens,” Reinhard told SI. “We have no way to prevent something from happening. We can’t protect the player, ensure their safety or prevent injuries. Everything a referee does is a reaction to something that occurred. Whether it’s an offside, icing or a penalty, it has to happen first. There’s no provision in the rule book for us to stop play on the belief that something bad is about to happen or make up rules to eject a player who is misbehaving. We report the news, we don’t make it.” He’s got a point. How much can you really ‘control’ a game when you can only react to what the players do? The hope is that, by calling penalties, you’ll deter the next guy from taking the same liberties with an opponent. It’s not up to the officials, though. That falls on the players. “Referees make mistakes,” he said. “Players make mistakes. Coaches make mistakes. It’s a game played by humans, coached by humans and officiated by humans. But players have more opportunity through the course of a game to influence the outcome than a referee who just ‘blew’ a call. “A missed offside, a bad...

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