Dashboard cameras are huge in Russia.  Thanks to insurance concerns, most drivers sport one to track what happens in front of their vehicles. Two KHL linesmen took a similar approach — bolting on helmet-cams — for recent games.

Game one has linesman Yuri Ivanov (#51) with the helmet-cam for Jokerit against Dynamo Riga.  Also in stripes are linesman Pyotr Alyoshin (#37) and referees Alexei Ravodin (#34) and Alexei Vasilyev (#12).

The second game features linesman Gleb Lazarev (#61) working Dynamo Minsk against Dynamo Riga. Joining him on the ice are referees Konstantin Olenin (#37) and Jyri Ronn (#19), as well as linesman Roman Shikarhov (#35).