NHL Linesman Vaughan Rody his seen a lot of ugly moments on the ice over the years.  None have bothered him as much as what he’s seen take place at lower levels in Canada.  Referees are regularly being subject to abuse and, more frightening, attacks by players and parents.  One such incident happened last month in Manitoba, where a puck was shot at an official and the RCMP were ultimately called in.

Rody reached out to the targeted official, emailing him: “Our crests may be different colours, Scott, but make NO mistake: 66 National Hockey League officials, plus every man or woman working amateur hockey, is supporting you right now.”

Mike McIntyre over at the Winnipeg Free Press reports:

RCMP […] are now conducting a criminal investigation into the actions of the 14-year-old players and parents. A spokeswoman said Tuesday they expect the probe to be wrapped up by the end of the week, with an announcement of potential charges to quickly follow.

Although he didn’t suffer physical injuries, Miskiewicz said in an earlier interview the attack left him reconsidering whether he wants to continue officiating. He said it’s a lot to tolerate for the $20 or $30 per game he earns. That includes unproven allegations of racism made by members of the Lake Manitoba team.

Rody said it pained him to hear Miskiewicz was considering hanging up his skates.

“I’m sorry you had to endure what you did last week. It’s unfortunate that anyone has to go through that. I will say, by all reports, you handled your business like a true professional and you should be commended on that,” [Rody] wrote in his email.

Rody encouraged Miskiewicz not to give up on the sport he loves despite this ugly incident.


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