Linesman Brad Kovachik was injured  in Saturday night’s battle between the St. Louis Blues and the Colorado Avalanche.  

Blues winger Chris Porter carried the puck into the offensive zone where he was hit by the Avs’ Gabriel Landeskog and Erik Johnson.  Brad Kovachik was caught in between them and pinned against the glass. He left the game at 12:50 of the second period for repairs.

Kovachik did not return.  

Kovachik Head Shot - 4/5/14

Kovalchuk was reportedly mildly concussed, though no official update has been provided by the NHL Officials Association.

The veteran linesman’s absence may have contributed to the chaos that erupted shortly after.

The two clubs played a rough, physical game up.  They’d combined for 18 minutes up until the point when Kovachik left the game. Afterwards, the combination of the shorthanded officiating crew and the lopsided score ratcheted up the intensity.

In the end, the Avs and Blues combined for 167 minutes in penalties, most of them in the third period.



Here’s how they got there:

Bordeleau hits Shattenkirk  up high:

Then Morrow cross-checked Mitchell, a shot that got the Blues forward booted from the match:

Then, with only three officials to keep things under control, a full-on line brawl erupts:

Boy, Kovachuk missed out on a heck of a game…   Hopefully, he’s feeling well enough to make the next one.