Players miss about 80% of their shots. Goaltenders fail to stop about 10% of the shots they face. The fact is, nobody’s perfect in hockey — not even the officials.

On this play, though, veteran linesman Jay Sharrers made the right call.

So why wasn’t the whistle blown for offside?  The NHL rule book clarifies:

83.2 Deflections / Rebounds – When a defending player propels the puck out of his defending zone and the puck clearly rebounds off a defending player in the neutral zone back into the defending zone, all attacking players are eligible to play the puck.

Goligoski’s outlet pass deflected off Tyler Seguin’s skate and bounced back into the zone, wiping out a possible offside and giving Vancouver’s Alex Burrows a clear scoring opportunity from the slot.

Of course, the Stars players didn’t realize that. Watch as two Dallas players point to the linesman while the left defenseman momentarily stops skating.

Remember kids, always play until you hear the whistle…

(h/t to Bowhuntr11 over at r/hockey)