The league would like to have a word with Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Robert Bortuzzo after his late, high hit on Devils’ winger Jaromir Jagr in Tuesday night’s game.

The play happened in the second period of the game, with both teams scoreless.

Jagr had already dished the puck off with an at tempted centering pass. Bortuzzo, with Jagr lined up for a hit, followed through despite the lack of possession.  Bortuzzo’s shoulder appeared to make contact with Jagr’s head.

Jagr left the game and did not return.

After the game, Devils coach Peter DeBoer spoke out about the hit, calling it “a real liberty and totally unnecessary.” He went on to add that “if on of our guys did that to Sidney Crosby, it’s World War 4.”

“It was a headshot. It doesn’t matter whether it was a shoulder or elbow, it’s a shot to the head,” added DeBoer.  The referees told DeBoer that they never saw the play.  “The league will see it,” said DeBoer. “I’m sure they will take the appropriate action

“He almost seems invincible at 43,” said Devils goaltender Cory Schneider after the game. “We’re hoping that he’s OK and it wasn’t as bad as it looked.”

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety is taking a second look at that play to determine if supplemental discipline is warranted.   Whether or not the league hands out anything additional, Bortuzzo will have to be on the lookout for some ‘supplemental discipline’ from Jagr’s teammates next time the two teams meet.

Update: Bortuzzo Suspended 2 Games

The league has suspended Bortuzzo for 2 games for the hit: