Day: January 22, 2014

Fraser: Bad Call on Phanuef for Tripping after Offsides

Leafs fans are used to watching Dion Phaneuf take bad penalties.  His 30 minors lead all defensemen. Against the Phoenix Coyotes on Monday night, though, Phaneuf took a penalty that never should’ve happened.   He tripped up Coyotes forward Mike Ribiero at the blueline… but that was after David Moss had already entered the zone, causing a whistle for offside. Rule 57 – Tripping 57.1 Tripping – A player shall not place the stick, knee, foot, arm, hand or  elbow in such a manner that causes his opponent to trip or fall. Accidental trips which occur simultaneously with a...

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Wild Goalie Kuemper Throws Stick, Gets Beaten on Penalty Shot

When a goaltender gets caught way outside his crease, he’s basically helpless to defend his goal. Desperate times call for desperate measures… like throwing your goal stick. Unfortunately, that one’s against the rules. Goaltender Darcy Kuemper headed out to play the puck along the boards as Minnesota’s power play expired. Stars defenseman Jordie Benn, fresh out of the penalty box, came racing down the wing to pick up the loose puck. Kuemper was caught. He lost the puck and looked back at his vacated crease. Desperate, he threw his goal stick. The stick may have helped slow down Jordie...

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Canes’ Sekera Takes Out Ref Wes McCauley

Referees do their best to stay out of the play. Sometimes, though, there’s simply nowhere to go. Take, for instance, this play. Carolina Hurricanes defensemen Andrej Sekera moved the puck along the board, right into the path of referee Wes McCauley. Not one to simply give up the puck, Sekera had no choice but to take the body. Despite a wicked looking head bounce off the ice, McCauley was not injured and was able to complete the game. After this hit, there were only two more penalties called in the game – both against the Hurricanes, who ended up...

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Tonight’s Officials – 1/22/14

Carolina Hurricanes at Philadelphia Flyers Referees: Francis Charron #6 3.6 minor penalties per game 10.1 total PIM per game Calls even home/road (50.0% minors called vs. home) Dan O’Halloran #13 3.3 minor penalties per game 9.5 total PIM per game Calls even home/road (49.1% minors called vs. home) Linesmen: David Brisebois #96, Mark Shewchyk #92   Montreal Canadiens at Pittsburgh Penguins Referees: Kyle Rehman #37 3.3 minor penalties per game 9.4 total PIM per game Favors home team (48.8% minors called vs. home) Francois St. Laurent #38 4.2 minor penalties per game 13.3 total PIM per game Calls even home/road...

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Defending Paul Devorski: A Rebuttal

Referee Paul Devorski is taking a lot of heat for his offhand remark to fellow official Dan O’Rourke that was caught on camera.  Even the least capable lip reader can figure out what was said, and the context – having just handed out 40+ minutes of penalties that put the Canucks two-men short for seven minutes – makes it pretty clear who he was referring to. I’ve held him accountable.  Kerry Fraser, via his TSN blog, has called his behavior inexcusable.  Linds Mabry over at The Referee’s Crease is in Devo’s corner: What’s Said Between Us Can Have Consequences...

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Referee Devorski Not a Fan of Torts, Canucks

The Canucks have had a rough week.  They went 1-3, racked up a ton a penalty minutes, and have lost their coach for the next two weeks. (Depending on who you talk to, that last one might not be a bad thing.) We’ve covered that. What we didn’t hit on is how the referees – one in particular – reacted to the Canucks’ antics. Paul Devorski is apparently not a fan of these types of shenanigans.  He had the Canucks for back-to-back games.  Devorski worked Canucks/Kings (total 109 PIM), then headed on down  to work Canucks/Ducks (total 104 PIM)....

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Brad Watson Referees 1000th NHL Game

Congratulations to veteran NHL referee Brad Watson for hitting a major milestone. On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, he officiated his 1,000th NHL game.   It was a rather quiet affair between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Colorado Avalanche.  Only eight minor penalties were called – an even four per side.   Watson worked alongside longtime referee Mike Leggo while Lonnie Cameron and Mark Wheler manned the lines. Watson, a native of Regina, Saskatchewan, joined the NHL in 1993.   In addition to his 1,000 regular season games, Watson has also donned the stripes for 140 playoff appearances.  He’s...

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