It’s impressive to score two goals in nine seconds, like Arizona’s Martin Hanzal did on Friday night against Vancouver.  It’s even more impressive when both are controversial.

With the Arizona Coyotes leading 1-0, Hanzal scored his second goal of the game with what appeared to be a deflection by a high stick.  Hanzal tipped center Tobias Rieder’s shot past Canucks goaltender Ryan Miller at the 15:25 mark of the second period.  Referee Marc Joannette immediately signaled for a goal.  The officials gathered and discussed the play before sending it up to Toronto for video review.

Here’s the NHL’s official ruling:

At 15:25 of the second period in the Arizona Coyotes/Vancouver Canucks game, video review was inconclusive in determining if Martin Hanzal’s stick was above the height of the crossbar when he deflected the puck into the Vancouver net.

According to Rule 38.4 (vi) “The determining factor is where the puck makes contact with the stick in relation to the crossbar. If the puck makes contact with the portion of the stick that is at or below the level of the crossbar and enters the goal, this goal shall be allowed.”

Therefore the referee’s call on the ice stands – good goal Arizona.

 The Canucks disagreed.

“It looked like a high stick for sure from our bench and we have a pretty good view from our bench,” said Vancouver’s Daniel Sedin. “It was over his shoulders and what is he? 6-4, 6-5?”

Officially, Hanzal’s 6′ 6″.

“The ref [Marc Joannette] never even saw it,” said Canucks goaltender Ryan Miller. “I’m disappointed in that call. He doesn’t see the play happening. When I look over, he’s not even looking. He doesn’t know where it hits.”

Despite multiple, high-definition cameras posted all around the arena — there are 44 camera spots in Rogers Arena, 37 of which are used in the regular season — the league just couldn’t get a solid angle on the play to overturn Joannette’s call on the ice.

A mere nine (9!) seconds later, Hanzal was at it again. This time, the question was whether his linemate, Tobais Rieder, had entered the zone offside.  Brad Lazarowich called it a good play.  The goal completed Hanzal’s hat trick – his first in nearly six years – and gave the Coyotes a 3-0 lead.

Vancouver forward Nick Bonino disagreed with the call. So much so, in fact, that he was hit with an unsportsmanlinke minor and sent to the box.  Fortunately for the Canucks, Arizona wasn’t able to add to their lead on the resulting power play.

Even without those disputed goals, the Canucks were outscored in the game. They didn’t put up much of a fight on the ice, ultimately being shut out 5-0.   You can only blame the refs for so much.