The NHL has expanded video review to include some additional cases around what makes a ‘good hockey goal.’  They’ve also said that they’d review – but not rule on – other situations that directly impact scoring plays, like goaltender interference and missed offside calls.  NHL Senior Vice President Mike Murphy called it “strictly an internal audit.”

On the first night of the 2014-15 NHL season, the league had a perfect internal audit example to review, and it was right in their hometown of Toronto.

Nadem Kadri scored to give the Maple Leafs a 2-0 lead.  Watch the video below, though, and you’ll see that the play should’ve been blown dead long before the goal happened.

The league has already said that they’re evaluating the possibility of reviewing these types of plays and determining the impact on the game, but it’s up in the air as to whether they ever plan to expand reviews to include offside.

But if this were up for Situation Room review, would they consider calling this one back?  Certainly, if the whistle is blown, the play never happens.

Leafs Offside on Kadri's Goal

The Leafs enter the zone offside prior to Kadri’s goal

The goal wasn’t scored until twelve seconds after the Leafs entered the zone.  Is that a direct enough of a connection to the goal being scored?  Or did enough time pass, and enough play transpire, that it was too far past the zone entry to call it back?

From Elliotte Friedman’s ’30 Thoughts’ over at Sportsnet:

“The question will be, ‘How was it scored?’ Murphy told Sportsnet. “Was it on the rush? Was it five seconds later? Was there a cycle after offside? What if the goalie makes a save and then there’s more play before a score? Is there a way to make a rule?”

“My personal opinion is if they don’t score off the rush that’s it, but our legal people disagree. They say the play is tainted,” Murphy said.

Everyone wants to get the call right 100% of the time, but players and officials are human.  Any efforts to find a way to improve accuracy need to avoid stepping on the officials’ toes or slowing down the game.  Hockey is a fast game. Let’s keep it that way.