Sylvan Lake, Alberta, may be this year’s Kraft Hockeyville, but it’s also the summer home of Flames winger Curtis Glencross. Thanks to a solid, collaborative effort by the on-ice officials, he got to be the hometown hero on Wednesday night for the Calgary Flames.

Glencross deflected a blueline point shot from fellow Alberta native Kris Russell with 1:44 left in overtime to score what appeared to be the game-winning goal. Referee Tom Kowal immediately waved it off, thinking it was tipped in from above the crossbar. With no video review in the preseason, the on-ice crew came together to discuss.

Referee Kyle Rehman had a great view of the play from the blueline, with what appeared to be a clear line of sight to Glencross posted at the top of the crease. Linesmen Lonnie Cameron (#74) and 6’9″ Mike Cvik (#88) also weighed in, with Cvik probably having the best angle as the tallest man on the ice. After a brief discussion, Kowal signaled to center ice. Good goal.

“I was just hoping the refs made the right call,” said Glencross after the game. “I was right there.  I’m pretty sure it was the right call.”

Check out Glencross mic’d up on that game-winner. He immediately objects to Tom Kowal’s no goal signal, yelling, “No way, Tommy! That’s right there!” as he hold his stick at crossbar-height.

With all the focus on the NHL enhancing video replay, it’s great to see NHL referees and linesmen come together and get the call right on the ice.

Elbow-bump to @myregularface and for the GIFs.