Everyone’s favorite referee is at is again.

Referee Wes McCauley loves dramatic tension. In addition to being one of the NHL’s top officials, the 14-year veteran is also skilled in public speaking. His announcements – whether goals, reviews, or penalties – have gained some notoriety.  On Tuesday night in New York City, McCauley once again took to the mic.

New York Rangers forward Michael Grabner’s goal-line shot was initially waved off after a Ducks defenseman deflected it out of mid-air with his stick. Initial replays appeared to indicate that the puck at already crossed the line. The officials conferred with NHL Hockey Ops for the official ruling.  After review, it was time for McCauley to break the news to the fans in attendance and those watching at home.



“Watch this one,” linesman Ryan Daisy told the Rangers’ bench as the referee skated over to make the call.

McCauley stood outside the referee’s crease, his hand on the mic pack, awaiting the broadcast return from commercial. Once he got the green light, he flipped the switch and relayed the results.


“After review of the play… ”

“It was determined that the puck…”


“…completely crossed the goal line. We’ve got a goal!”


The crowd erupted as New York head coach Alain Vigneault cracked up on the Rangers’ bench.

Great to see a little personality out there.  Nice work, Wes!