If the idea of a video review isn’t quite dramatic enough for you, you’re in luck. 

San Jose’s Melker Karlsson scored to give the Sharks a 4-2 lead on a controversial play that saw the puck deflect in off his skate. The league took a second look at the goal to determine whether the puck was kicked in. With the review complete, it was time to break the news to the crowd. 

Referee Wes McCauley did just that in what was quite possibly the most dramatic goal announcement of all time:


Terrific job by McCauley, with the build up, the pauses, and the abrupt spin and point at the end. 

“After reviewing the play, the call on the ice…   STANDS! We’ve got a goal!”

Over the top?  Perhaps, but we’ll take that kind of personality any day of the week.

These guys take their jobs very seriously.  It’s nice to see McCauley – along with Mike Leggo, who’s had some memorable calls of his own – have a little fun with the calls and goal announcements. 

McCauley has dropped the gauntlet.  Which ref will step up his announcement game next?