The NHL’s been experimenting with using ref cams in their broadcasts. They weren’t, though, the first to strap cameras on their on-ice officials. The AHL’s tried it before, bolting a camera to referee David Banfield for a Charlotte Checkers game back in 2013.

The AHL’s latest effort gives fans a peek at the one of the AHL’s feature events – the AHL All-Star Classic. Referee Jamie Koharski wore a camera for the 2015 midseason event, which took place in Utica, New York.


AHL Referee Jamie Koharski

AHL Referee Jamie Koharski

Interestingly, the AHL opted for the ‘chest-cam’ rather than a helmet-mounted camera. This is the same setup referee Tom Sweeney wore when he worked an Ottawa Senators pre-season scrimmage.

And, yes, in case you’re not familiar with Koharski, he’s the son of long-time NHL referee Don Koharski.  Zebra stripes run deep in the Koharski clan. Jamie’s uncle, Terry, has been officiating in the AHL since 1982, first as a linesman before donning the armbands in 1989.

Whether it’s on a helmet or strapped to the ref’s chest, the ref-cam view never gets old.