Day: February 10, 2015

Tonight’s NHL Referees & Linesmen – 2/10/15

Dallas Stars at Boston Bruins – 7:00 EST Referees Chris Rooney (#5) Games 2014-15: 46 Career Games: 872 First NHL Game: Nov 22 2000 Birthplace: Boston, MA Rooney NHL Rank NHL Avg Goals/Gm 5.6 9 5.4 Power Plays/Gm 3.8 1 3.2 Penalties/Gm 4.7 5 4.2 PIM/Gm 10.8 9 10.1 % of Penl on Home Team 49% 6 48% More Penl on Road Team 6% 24 7% Home Win % 50% 18 49% Home Record 23-23 Games to OT/SO 24% 21 25% Calls by Period Per 1st 2nd 3rd Pctg 37% 36% 27% Rank 5 28 28 Team Records 2014-15...

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Sens’ Condra Steamrolls Referee Ghislain Hebert

It’s all about positioning for an official.  You need to be in the right spot to make sure you don’t miss a call.  You also  try to do your best to stay out of the play.   Unfortunately for referee Ghislain Hebert, he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. In a scoreless first period between the Senators and the Blue Jackets, Ottawa’s Erik Condra runs right into the official, giving Columbus forward Matt Calvert a clear shot at the net. Watch as Condra nearly runs into Hebert a second time as he tries to move...

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Referee Rob Martell’s ‘No Goal’ Goal Call for Ducks

Referee Rob Martell has 941 NHL games under his belt.  He’s seen his fair share of goals — and reviews.   The important thing about goal reviews is that they help make sure the officials get the call right.  Whether they announce it correctly, well, that’s a different story. With the Ducks trailing the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-0, it appeared that Anaheim had finally put the puck past Bolts backstop Ben Bishop. Referee Rob Martell, positioned at the side of the net, disagreed. He immediately waved off the goal, believing it to have been kicked in by Ryan Getzlaf, who...

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