Brad Meier’s had his share of disallowed goals. His latest came with a quick whistle in Winnipeg.

With Los Angeles up 2-1 on the  Jets, the Kings thought they’d extended their lead with 6:26 to go in the third period.

They got the puck over the line – no question there. It even looked like it was in before the whistle sounded.  Enter the dreaded “intent to blow” call.

Brad Meier claims the puck crossed the line well after the whistle sounded. I disagree. Let’s be honest, perhaps it entered after he intended to blow the whistle.  These are the calls that frustrate fans and players.  A quick whistle is one thing, but situations like this – where the puck may have been in long before Meier’s stoppage – are hard to deal with.

Here’s the NHL’s official ruling:

At 13:33 of the third period in the Kings/Jets game, the Toronto Situation Room initiated a review because the puck crossed the Jets goal line. The referee informed the Situation Room that he was in the process of blowing the whistle prior to the puck crossing the goal line. This is not a reviewable play. No Goal Los Angeles.