Being a linesman is hard work.  Most of your night is spent dropping pucks at faceoffs and watching pucks and skates cross a blue.  Occasionally, you’ll get to break up a fight or two.   If you’re lucky, you’ll stay out of the line of fire.

Linesman Andy McElman was not so lucky.

During a scrum between the Chicago Blackhawks and Colorado Avalanche, punches started flying between Max Talbot and Michal Roszival.   They both took swings at the same time — Talbot a left, Roszival a right.  Their gloves both connected…  with McElman’s chin.

Linesman Andy McElman Takes a Punch

Courtesy Comcast Sportsnet Chicago via The Score)

When McElman went down, both players stopped swinging. No penalties were handed out on the play.