In Russia, hockey fans protest YOU, Brad Meier!   This is outside the American embassy in Moscow:

Olympics Protest fo Referee Brad Meier

Courtesy Igor Eronko (@igoreronko)

In case you need to brush up on your Russian, that’s literally “Referee for Soap!”

It’s another way of saying that the ref didn’t judge the game fairly, and therefore serves no purpose other than to be rendered into soap.  Sort of like the idea of turning racehorses into glue.

It goes on to say: 

Brad Meier – American hockey arbiter, NHL referee, didn’t count the Russian national team’s goal on the USA’s goal in the Olympic games in Sochi!

Meier was one of the two officials – along with Swede Marcus Vinnerborg – in USA’s 3-2 shootout victory over Russia.

Someone needs to go out there and remind those fans that the play went to video review.  The ultimate decision was made by the off-ice officials responsible for the video replay review.

Stay safe, Brad Meier.  And watch out for the soap.


(stick-tap to Toli Metter of The Hockey Writers for the translation assist)