With the Blues and Oilers tied at one apiece, Max Lapierre made a solid individual effort to steal the puck before coming out from behind the goal line and getting it past goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov.

Or did he?

A look from the net cam gives the impression that the puck found its way through the net.

Space between post and pads is HUMAAAANGOUS BEEEG

Lapierre scores on Bryzgalov – 1/7/14

Further review – and different angles – show more clearly that the puck squeezed between Bryz and the post. The net cam view creates the illusion of the puck coming through because of the shadows/darkness of the goalpost.

Check out the movement along the post/net above. You can clearly see the puck moving past the post legally.

Here’s the full play:

The legitimacy of the goal was hotly debated:

From Denial…

Sorry, boys, check out the loop above.  Besides:

They found nothing.

…to Acceptance


A crazy goal, but a good one.  A legal one.

Heck, it was a crazy game all around in Edmonton.  Did you see the penalties they didn’t call?