Chicago Blackhawks forward Michal Handzus drove to the net shorthanded in an effort to extend his club’s lead over the Philadelphia Flyers.  The pass from Marcus Kruger handcuffed Handzus and ended up in his skates, where he kicked it ahead.  The puck appeared to enter the net directly off his skate.

On the ice, referee Ghislain Hebert called it a goal.   It was up to Toronto.

After further review, you can see the puck glance off his stick. Handzus didn’t get much of it, but had enough to visibly tip the puck up on edge.

The best part about the replay is the near-spoiler alert when Hebert mentions the ‘distinct kicking motion’.   Of course, since Handzus got his stick on it, the kick is okay and it’s a good goal.


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From the NHL:

At 5:27 of the second period in the Flyers/Blackhawks game, video review supported the referee’s call on the ice that Michal Handzus deflected the puck into the net with his stick after it made contact with his skate. Good goal Chicago.