Los Angeles Kings at Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Referees: Dennis LaRue (14), Jean Hebert (15)
    LaRue averages 4.0 calls per game (10.7 minutes in penalties). Hebert is at 4.5 (11.5 minutes).  LaRue leads all officials with 6 game misconduct calls.  LaRue worked Toronto vs. Boston on December 8 and was one of the referees who left Dion Phaneuf unpenalized for his hit on Boston’s Kevan Miller
  • Linesmen: Vaughan Rody (73), Derek Amell (75)


Philadelphia Flyers at Chicago Blackhawks

  • Referees: Ghislain Hebert (22), Don VanMassenhoven (21)
    Hebert is middle-of the-pack, averaging 4.8 penalties (11.6 miuntes) called per game. Veteran Don VanMassenhoven is one of the lowest-calling zebras, averaging 3.9 penalties (9.3 minutes) called per game.
  • Linesmen: Steve Miller (89), Brian Murphy (93)


Minnesota Wild at Anaheim Ducks

  • Referees: Paul Devorski (10), Francois St. Laurent (38)
    Devorski calls fewer penalties than the league average, at 4.1 per game (10.9 minutes). St. Laurent is fifth-highest among full-time officials, with 5.1 whistles per game (13.9 minutes).
  • Linesmen: Derek Nansen (70), Mark Shewchyk (92)