Day: January 18, 2015

Laviolette Yells at Referee Kevin Pollock for Winking at Hawks Bench

Nashville Predators head coach Peter Laviolette felt like he was being disrespected by referee Kevin Pollock when the Preds took on the Chicago Blackhawks on December 29, 2014.   Specifically, he claimed Pollock was winking at the Hawks’ bench. The players on the bench seemed amused at the exchange between their coach and the referee. “Don’t wink at ’em either!” “I didn’t wink!” “You DID wink!” Of course, Seth Jones has to help stir the pot a bit at the end.  As Pollock skates away, Jones tells the whole bench, “You know, I literally just saw him wink.” Penalties for...

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Referee Tim Peel Hit With Puck, Stays in Game

Say what you want about NHL referees, but one thing you can’t argue is that they’re tough as nails. Referee Tim Peel took a puck up high late in Saturday night’s game between the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks.   Peel was down for a few minutes.  After a brief, on-ice evaluation by the Kings’ medical staff, Peel was cleared to continue.  He finished up the game, which ended as a 3-2 Ducks shootout win. Peel has Sunday off, but he’s probably spending the day with a bag of ice on that right shoulder. Check out the full video...

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NHL Testing Goal Post Cameras for Video Reviews

There’s a lot of challenges when using video replay to determine a goal. You’ve got tricky angles whose perspective makes the puck look in even when it’s not. You’ve got cameras aimed at the net from multiple angles, all of which can be obstructed by players and officials. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a camera even closer to the goal line, and with a consistent, reliable angle on the line? That’s precisely what the NHL is working on. “We are testing and experimenting with ‘in-post’ cameras and would like to introduce them when we are comfortable...

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Tonight’s NHL Referees & Linesmen – 1/18/15

New York Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins – 12:30 EST Referees Eric Furlatt (#27) Games 2014-15: 36 Career Games: 836 First NHL Game: Oct 8 2001 Birthplace: Trois-Rivieres, QC Furlatt NHL Rank NHL Avg Goals/Gm 4.7 37 5.4 Power Plays/Gm 3.5 10 3.3 Penalties/Gm 4.4 14 4.2 PIM/Gm 10.9 16 10.2 % of Penl on Home Team 48% 14 48% More Penl on Road Team 8% 20 8% Home Win % 64% 4 49% Home Record 23-13 Games to OT/SO 22% 30 26% Calls by Period Per 1st 2nd 3rd Pctg 29% 41% 30% Rank 33 5 21 Team Records...

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