Chicago Blackhawks forward Max Domi was frustrated with the officials after losing some teeth on a missed high stick.



Domi took some lumber to the chops late in the second period of Saturday’s game against San Jose.  Sharks defenseman Scott Harrington attempted to stickhandle at center ice. He lost control and reached for the puck when Domi lifted Harrington’s stick, driving it up and into his own face.

When the horn sounded to end the period, Domi let the officials have it.


“I ****ing lost my teeth you ****ing idiot,” Domi screamed at the referee from the bench. “Wake the **** up!”


Players must be “in control and responsible for their sticks” under Rule 60.1. Clearly, Harrington was not, even if it was the stick lift from Domi that caused the contact.

With no call on the ice, the officials are not able to review the play.

The Chicago Blackhawks went on to win the game 4-3. Referees were Frederick L’Ecuyer (#17) and Justin Kea (#44), with linesmen Trent Knorr (#74) and Ryan Saidy (#81).