Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand is having a rough week. First, he gets fined $5000 for a dangerous trip. Now he gets leveled by an official.

Marchand was taken out along the boards during Boston’s game against the Vancouver Canucks.



Marchand carried the puck around the boards in the offensive. McCauley hugged the boards, giving Marchand room to cut up ice in front of him. The Boston forward chose the same path, staying along the wall and running right into the ref.

Play continued as the puck slid out to the neutral zone, where it was recovered by the Canucks.

The Boston Bruins went on to with the game 3-1. Referees for the game were Wes McCauley (#4) and Trevor Hanson (#14); linesmen were Kiel Murchison (#79) and Tommy Hughes (#65).