Minnesota’s Marcus Foligno had a goal disallowed Thursday after he kicked the puck into the Seattle net.

The goal, which would have put the Wild up 2-0, was immediately waved off by referee Brandon Schrader, who worked the game alongside veteran ref Steve Kozari.  The duo huddled with linesmen Bevan Mills and Brandon Gawryletz before heading over to check with the NHL’s Situation Room.



After review, the league confirmed the call on the ice: no goal.

Video review confirmed that Minnesota’s Marcus Foligno kicked the puck into the Seattle net.

According to Rule 49.2, “A goal cannot be scored by an attacking player who uses a distinct kicking motion to propel the puck into the net with his skate/foot.”

There’s been much debate on the definition of a distinct kicking motion, especially under recent league interpretations to be more permissive with skate movement.  In this case, Foligno’s skate did not deflect the puck, but propelled it into the net with a soccer-style kick.

The Wild would not score on that play, nor again in the game, as they fell to the Kraken 4-1.