You don’t see this one every day.

Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov was hit with a stick from the Detroit bench during Wednesday’s game in Washington.



Red Wings forward Dylan Larkin broke his stick earlier in the shift.  Equipment trainer Paul Boyer had a replacement ready to go from the bench. Instead of getting it safely in Larkin’s hands, it caught Kuznetsov in the face as he rushed up ice with 4:32 remaining in the third period of a 3-3 game.

A whistle stopped play for the apparent injury, ending the Caps’ possible scoring chance.

No penalty was called on the play, though it could have been interference.  From Rule 56.3:

A bench minor penalty shall be imposed when an unidentifiable player on the players’ bench or penalty bench or any Coach or non-playing Club personnel who, by means of his stick or his body, interferes with the movements of the puck or any opponent on the ice during the progress of the play. 

Larkin went on to score the overtime game winner, but it was his stick that may have made a key defensive play in the third.


Referees for the game were Francis Charron and Brandon Blandina; linesmen were Matt MacPherson and Andrew Smith.