Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jared McCann will have a hearing today for elbowing Philadelphia’s Travis Sanheim.

McCann delivered the questionable hit at 5:28 of the second period during Friday night’s game in Philadelphia.



Sanheim cleared the puck from deep in the defensive zone when he was leveled by McCann.  The Pens winger extended his left elbow, which connected directly with Sanheim’s head.

McCann was given a minor penalty for elbowing by referees Kelly Sutherland and Wes McCauley.

Player Safety is evaluating the play for elbowing, but can also consider it under illegal checks to the head, provided the play meets the criteria — as they did in the suspension to Sammy Blais on Thursday.

The NHL issued four suspensions for elbowing last season, with an average suspension length of 3.25 games; three players were fined for elbowing, with an average fine of $4000.  While no players were fined for illegal checks to the head, Player Safety suspended four players or headshots with an average suspension length of 1.5 games.

A decision is expected today.  Philadelphia is off until Monday, when they face the Sabres.