The International Ice Hockey Federation has named the 32 on-ice officials for the upcoming 2018 IIHF World Championship. This year’s tournament, held in Denmark, runs from May 4-20.

Of the officials working the upcoming tournament, twelve referees and eight linesmen recently officiated the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang.  Thirteen countries will be represented by this year’s officiating crew, with Canada, Finland, Russia, and the US all sending four officials.  Linesman Rene Jensen is the lone zebra from the host country of Denmark.

United States officials are referees Tim Mayer and Stephen Reneau, along with linesmen Jake Davis and Brian Oliver. Former NHL referee Mark Lemelin is also American, but currently lives and officiates in Austria, which he officially represents.

Canada is sending refs Olivier Gouin and Brett Iverson with linesmen Dustin McCrank and Nathan Vanoosten.

From the IIHF:

The list of on-ice officials is a mix of veterans and up-and-comping international officials who combine for 74 World Championship participations.

Swiss referee Tobias Wehrli will officiate his ninth World Championship while for Konstantin Olenin from Russia it will be the eighth Worlds and for Czech referee Antonin Jerabek, who called the gold medal game last year, it will be the seventh. The most experienced linesman is Sakari Suominen, who will officiate his seventh World Championship. He was also in the gold medal game last year together with fellow linesman Alexander Otmakhov, who is also back in Denmark.

With referees Mark Lemelin and Aleksi Rantala as well as Suominen, three men from the officiating crew that called the Olympic men’s ice hockey gold medal game last month will also be at the Worlds in Denmark.

Here’s the full lineup of on-ice officials for the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship:



Gofman, Roman (RUS)

Gouin, Oliver (CAN)

Hribik, Jan (CZE)

Iverson, Brett (CAN)

Jerabek, Antonin (CZE)

Kaukokari, Mikko (FIN)

Kubus, Jozef (SVK)

Lemelin, Mark (AUT/USA)

Mayer, Timothy (USA)

Ohlund, Linus (SWE)

Olenin, Konstantin (RUS)

Rantala, Aleksi (FIN)

Reneau, Stephen (USA)

Schukies, Gordon (GER)

Sjoqvist, Mikael (SWE)

Wehrli, Tobias (SUI)



Davis, Jake (USA)

Fluri, Nicolas (SUI)

Golyak, Dmitri (BLR)

Jensen, Rene (DEN)

Kilian, Jon (NOR)

Kohlmuller, Lukas (GER)

Lazarev, Gleb (RUS)

Lhotsky, Miroslav (CZE)

Malmqvist, Andreas (SWE)

McCrank, Dustin (CAN)

Oliver, Brian (USA)

Otmakhov, Alexander (RUS)

Sefcik, Peter (SVK)

Sormunen, Hannu (FIN)

Suominen, Sakari (FIN)

Vanoosten, Nathan (CAN)