EIHL referee Tom Darnell was mic’d up when a fight broke out during a recent game between the Sheffield Steelers and the Belfast Giants.

Belfast’s Michael Forney squared off against Sheffield’s Ben O’Connor late in the first period. Linesmen Paul Staniforth and Danny Beresford jumped in to break up the scuffle as Darnell relayed the penalties.

“I’m just going fives, yeah?” Darnell says. “Just fives each, there’s nothing else.”

“He gets a five for fighting with his gloves on?” asks one player.

“Hey, he’s standing there, he knows exactly what he’s doing,” replies Darnell. “They’re both looking at each other in the eye. He doesn’t need to drop his gloves to get involved in an altercation. We’ve just got five each.”

Look for more to come from the EIHL later this week as part of an upcoming feature on communications by officials.