Linesman Steve Miller will be working his 1000th career National Hockey League game tonight in Buffalo as the Sabres take on the Los Angeles Kings.  Miller will work alongside linesman Brad Kovachik and referees Chris Lee and Dean Morton. 

The 40-year-old Stratford, Ontario, native made his NHL debut in 2000, working a game between the Washington Capitals and Atlanta Thrashers. 



Miller has seen quite a few big moments in his career. He worked the lines for three Stanley Cup finals, the 2006 Winter Olympics, 2014 Stadium Series, and the NHL All-Star Game, along with the World Juniors, and Memorial Cup. 

He’s also had his share of bumps and bruises, including a stick to the face on a faceoff, an errant punch, and this incident told to The Hockey News:

“I got a puck in the face in 2002. It broke my orbital bone and the nose at the top. That was my biggest injury; I spent three nights in a New Jersey hospital. The first night they got me stabilized; I was in a trauma unit. Then they did the surgery the next day and they put a plate with seven screws in my face – they put my face back together.”

“I was back in about 12 days.”





Linesman Devin Berg, who was hired by the NHL prior to the start of the 2015-16 season, credits Miller with starting his officiating career. 

“He was the one who made me realize to be part of the game I didn’t have to be a coach or trainer,” Berg told the Stratford Beacon Herald. “One of the options would be officiating. If not for him I’d be playing beer league or senior league in Tavistock on Saturday nights. Now I’m here five years later and I’m happy it’s worked.”

Congratulations to NHL linesman Steve Miller on reaching the 1000-game mark!