Despite their Stanley Cup victory just over ten years ago, the media in Tampa isn’t entirely confident that their market truly understands hockey.  It’s certainly possible that a a team with the ninth-best attendance in the league, averaging 18,823 fans at each home game for 98% capacity, is merely drawing in those in search of a break from the Florida heat.

It’s also likely that the Lightning bandwagon has picked up a number of new riders, what with the Buccaneers coming off a miserable 2-14 season and the Rays holding steady at .500 after missing the playoffs the previous year.  

It’s easy to root for a winner, though it does help if you actually understand the game. Enter the fine folks at WFLA, looking to give those fairweather hockey fans a primer on some of the basics.

With the Tampa Bay Lightning pressing hard for a shot at the Stanley Cup Championship series, they are garnering thousands of new fans. And as Leslee Lacey found out from fans at the Amalie Arena, many are confused about the penalties and infractions.

Leslee hits the ice with AHL referee Jamie Koharski for clarification on some NHL rules and motions from the referees.  Leslee explains icing and off-sides and gets first-hand knowledge of illegal checking. 

Get ready to get your learn on, and try not to cringe as ‘Kate the Hockey Fanatic’ painfully explains icing and offside: