With referee Kevin Pollock making his Stanley Cup Final debut, we just wanted to clear up one thing: he is not actor Kevin Pollak.  Let’s compare:

Kevin Pollock

Kevin Pollak

NHL Referee Kevin Pollock

(Image: NHLOA)

NHL Referee (#33) Actor
Born February 7, 1970 Born October 30, 1957
From Kincardine, Ontario From San Francisco, CA
Made his NHL debut March 28, 2000 at Islanders vs. Predators Made his film debut in 1987’s Million Dollar Mystery
Officiated the Winter Olympics in Sochi Acted in The Usual Suspects, Casino, The Wedding Planner, and a Few Good Men
Has been accused of winking at coaches Did a classic routine about Columbo as a coach
Currently working the Stanley Cup Finals Currently shooting “Special Correspondence” with Ricky Gervais

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