Are you frustrated with the rulings handed out by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety?  Do you feel there’s not enough consistency in their decisions?  Do you think you could do a better job? The NHL has a job opening for you:


NHL SVP of Player Safety


That’s right, you – provided you meet the rather-specific qualifications – might be the league’s next Senior Vice President of Player Safety.  Be prepared, though. You’ll need to work nights and weekends.  You’ll also have to deal with extensive travel both across North America and overseas.  

Quintal Stepping Down?

Does this mean that current SVP of Player Safety Stephane Quintal is stepping down?  Or is the league simply expanding the Player Safety team?

Quintal is the league’s current Senior Vice President of Player Safety.  He replaced Brendan Shanahan in the role in September 2014. Shanahan held that position since its creation three years prior. 


Think you’re qualified for the gig?  You need to know the rulebook, which you can brush up on here.  You also need to have been a player or on-ice official for at least five years. (That narrows the pool considerably.)

Retired refs and former players all across the US and Canada are dusting off their resumes, polishing up their LinkedIn profiles, and getting their suits pressed all for a chance to become the latest target of fan complaints and frustration when it comes to supplemental discipline.   Good luck, boys!


Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski tweeted that this job posting was more a matter of procedure than an actual job search:

Still, can’t hurt to apply, right?