The Tampa Bay Lightning nearly won the game on a controversial no goal before eventually winning it on an equally-controversial goal.  Nikita Kucherov’s breakaway goal was waved off in the first overtime. In the second, he scored the game-winner after what appeared to be an offside play. 

Kucherov entered the Montreal zone ahead of linemate Valteri Filppula – and the puck. He had about half a stride over the blueline when Filppula moved the puck out of the blue paint.  Linesman Steve Miller was positioned along the near boards, located nearest where Kucherov entered the zone.

Rule 83.1: Off-side – Players of the attacking team must not precede the puck into the attacking zone.
A player is off-side when both skates are completely over the leading edge of the blue line involved in the play.

“It’s really frustrating to lose a game on an offside,” said Montreal head coach Michel Therrien. “Those things aren’t supposed to happen.”

To be fair, it was a close call.  Further, Montreal gained control of the puck – with a chance to clear – before the turnover that led to the goal. 

For those looking for expanded replay, the league’s considered replay for offside plays that directly lead to goals. In this case, Montreal gained possession and had a chance to clear.  Under the league’s proposed criteria, this wouldn’t be a candidate for that expanded video review. It’s simply a missed offside call. 

Unfortunately for the Canadiens, they weren’t able to recover to avoid giving up the game-winner in overtime.