Montreal Canadiens defenseman PK Subban is the first player to reach Level 3 under the NHL’s new diving policy. He has been fined $3,000 for diving after embellishing a play on March 12 against the Ottawa Senators.

Subban’s next dive will cost him $4,000.  Two more, and Subban will be on the hook for $5,000; that one will also cost Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien $2,000.

His first fine, for $2,000, came after diving against the New York Rangers on January 29. He received an embellishment penalty on the play from the on-ice officials.

Previously, Subban had been issued a warning based on a dive in the Canadiens’ January 6 game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  He’d also been called for a diving infraction earlier in the year, in a game against the Bruins in October.


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