Sometimes your team is hit with a bad call. As a fan, it’s easy to lose your mind over it. As an announcer, perhaps you need to show a bit of restraint. Mickey Redmond didn’t hold back on this one.

Red Wings announcer Mickey Redmond vehemently disagreed with the soft slashing call against David Legwand:

In case you’re video-challenged, Redmond’s thoughts on the penalty: “We might as well put skirts on them all and put tennis rackets in their hands. This is a joke. Absolute joke.”

The breakdown of the play, from Winging It in Motown:

The Wings end their own power play early as Tatar turns the puck over at center to give Letetsu a potential breakaway. Legwand gives him a chop *near* the hands to stop the chance and goes to the box on the type of play that the refs are looking to call anything soft. This is the definition of a good penalty.

The referees for the game were Rob Martell #26 and Chris Rooney #5.


(Assists to the Matt Yoder at Awful Announcing and Guyism’s A. Issac on this one)