Not to be outdone by David Legwand’s $5,000 low-blow, Penguins forward James Neal received a matching fine of his own.

Neal’s came as ‘punishment’ for this cross-check to the head of Detroit’s Luke Glendenning.

Neal Cross Checks Glendenning

(GIF via @myregularface)

Per  Section 18.5 of the CBA, $5,000 is the maximum fine that can be handed out as supplementary discipline without requiring a phone hearing.

For a guy who just returned from a concussion, James Neal’s not really taking this head-shot thing too seriously…

Also, don’t forget that Neal is a repeat offender.  He was sentenced to five games for kneeing the Bruins’ Brad Marchand back in December.

Neal is making $5 million this season.  With an average ice time of 18:21 per game, that equates to $3,332 per minute of ice time.  Two shifts out there and he’s already earned his fine.

Perhaps it’s time for the league to make fines a percentage of the player’s contract if they make more than the league average…

Actually, they can’t. File that away for the next time they negotiate the CBA.  Maybe they’ll figure it out during the next lockout.