Less than four minutes into Friday night’s game between the New York Rangers and Carolina Hurricanes, referees Justin St. Pierre and Tom Kowal had already spoken with the NHL’s Situation Room twice.

The first, just 2:20 into the first, saw the Rangers’ fourth line crash the net. Video replay determined no goal on the play.

The second was a near-goal at 3:51 that deflected in off of a tripped Mats Zuccarello and into the net.  The goal should’ve been valid, as a puck deflecting off an attacking player’s body and into the net is a good goal.  Unfortunately for the Rangers, referee Justin St. Pierre claimed to have already been blowing his whistle before the puck entered the net.

The puck took a lively bounce off Zuccarello and slid past Khudobin.  There’s practically no way St. Pierre could have intended to blow the whistle before the puck went in.

You never know how a disallowed goal will impact a team.  The Rangers have 40 minutes to keep the pressure on and show that they can battle past these two missed opportunities…

…even if one of them should have been a goal.