UPDATE:  Orlov has been suspended two games. Video from the NHL Department of Player Safety had been added at the bottom

Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov will be getting a call from the NHL Department of Player Safety tomorrow.  They’d like to have a few words with him about his check from behind on the Flyers’ Brayden Schenn.

Washington Capitals' Defenseman Dmitry Orlov

Washington Capitals’ Defenseman Dmitry Orlov (Clyde Caplan/Clydeorama.com)

The play happened midway through the third period of the Caps’ 5-4 overtime loss to the Flyers. Earlier in the shift, Schenn hit Orlov hard behind the net. Orlov got his number and, just ten seconds later, exacted his revenge.

While the timing would’ve been okay – Schenn had just moved the puck – the hit was not. Orlov drilled Schenn through the numbers, leaving hit feet and driving Schenn’s head into the glass with his forearm.


At the time of the penalty, the Caps were leading 4-2. Two of those goals were scored by Orlov in his first career multi-goal game.

Philadelphia took advantage of the opportunity to cut the lead to one. They would later go on to tie the game and ultimately win it in overtime.

Here’s the official word from the league:

And thoughts from around the league:

Now, Orlov sits and waits for the phone to ring…   But, really, I think it’s safe for him to plan for a few days off.

UPDATE: Orlov has been suspended for two games, per the Department of Player Safety: